We are a group of full-time creative designers that reside in Dallas, Texas and independently throughout the United States.

What Happens After I Sign Up?

After signing up you will receive an email with your personal login credentials to The Design Hub. The Hub gives you the ability to submit tasks, store completed tasks, communicate with your designer, and grant Hub access to your team members. After gaining access to The Hub you can begin submitting tasks right away.

What is The Design Hub?

The Design Hub, or The Hub as we call it, is our custom design management software. The Hub is essentially a digital workspace that aligns perfectly with our services and allows smooth interactions when design tasks are requested, completed and delivered. The Hub also provides an easy-to-use platform for creative collaboration between companies and their DTG designers. It completely takes the place of email and so much more.

How It Works?

DTG uses the term "task" to describe a design request. One task is one request for a design. Each design can be changed or revised as many times as you like- this falls under the scope of a task. A task can be a design for a banner, a case study, a menu, or a label. See capabilities for a more thorough list.

We offer three subscriptions, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. We work on 1 task at a time for Bronze subscribers, 3 tasks at a time for Silver subscribers, and 5 tasks at a time for Gold subscribers.

The turnaround time for a task varies by what the request is. Tasks may be large or small. We work diligently to deliver tasks within 2 days or less, but the delivery is ultimately dependent on the size and scope of the task request. DTG prides itself on effective communication so that we can get you your tasks as soon as you need them.

Top Ranked Designers.

Designers at Design Task Group are required to possess a 4 year degree in graphic design from an accredited institution. Our designers also come on board with at least 5 years of graphic design experience in a professional environment. Upon subscribing with DTG, you’ll be assigned 1-3 of our top tiered designers, according to your subscription level. Your designer will connect with you in The Design Hub, and will remain assigned to you unless you request a change. Your DTG designer will follow your command to produce the best creative materials possible, and to meet your due for every task request.


Social Media Ads.

Newspaper Ads.

Magazine Ads.

Email Templates.

White Papers.


Annual Reports.

Financial Reports.

Website Graphics.

Trade Show Graphics.

Door Hangers.


Business Cards.







Post Cards.

Vinyl Car Wraps.



And More!

What Industries Does DTG Cover?

We’ve delivered thousands of design tasks to our subscribers in various industries, from government and non-profits to private conglomerates. What has been consistent is the outstanding feedback we’ve received across the many sectors we’ve worked in. There is no industry that we can not apply our services.

Who Can Submit Work?

Employees gain access to The Hub by invitation only. Each team member must posses a valid company email account, and must use that account to request tasks in The Hub. Once a team member is added they too have capabilities to invite additional employees. There is no cap on the number of employees who can access The Hub to submit and retrieve work.

What happens when we need to submit a ton of work at once?

No problem! The Hub will store an unlimited amount of task requests in your company’s queue. Check out our demo for more details.

Rush task submissions?

We're fast, but if you’re needing something within an hours time, we’re probably not the company for you. We put great thought and effort into getting things perfect. In doing so, we must respect the creative process of our designers. Design Task Group delivers work based on due date requests. Work is guaranteed within two days. We like to be over-achievers, so we’ll always do our best to beat your due date. We'll always do everything within our power to get your tasks to you when you need them- even if it means we're working nights and weekends!

We’re not happy with our designs.

Our aim is to make you happy EVERY TIME you receive a completed task. If your designer isn't quite hitting the mark after a few design rounds, escalate your task to a Task Manager right inside the Design Hub. A Task Manager will work with you to address your concern, find the best solution, and deliver the right design as quickly as possible.

We need to cancel our subscription.

There is no contractual obligation. If you feel the need to cancel, do so.

Additional Questions?

Contact us at 1-800-402-7720 or by email at sales@designtaskgroup.com.